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I am Black and this is my personal tumblr or something. Feel free to ask me anything. I will try to respond in a timely manner, but if I wanna include a drawing in my response, who knows how long it'll take;;

credit for jimeNez, and smt starter guide goes to anon on 4chan
gabriulio sent:

You got me into SMT, Persona, TatsuyaxJun and now, Samurai Flamenco (which I just finished marathoning). Please keep on being such a good/bad influence.


please tell me you’ve played digital devil saga

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stardust-lace sent:

i share a birthday with noiz and im really happy about this for some reason

I don’t share a birthday with any of my waifus ;~;

I looked up anime birthdays to see if anyone I know was born jan 14, but nope


Anonymous sent:

I think one of my favorite things about xy was that all the npc trainers have their own art. Some of them are pretty as hell

yeah that’s cute, but then I look at how rushed some important character art looks like

Anonymous sent:

duuuuuude. I just realized that this year is Digital Devil Saga's 10th anniversary.


wasnt it planned to get on PSN? I hope that happens

so more people can play and understand heat’s suffering

Anonymous sent:

If you had to ship 2 poke rivals, who would you ship and why?

I feel like I’ve answered this before, but I don’t remember what I said

Silver x N is interesting because of how differently they view pokemon?

but if I’m going just for looks, then Green x Green

agentemerald sent:

If you have no Idea what to pick for a mon just roll a number and go with it.

no, that’s not special :u

not that pokemon would even play a significant role in my pokemon comic

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fancyhujoo sent:

Xavier needs a furfrou obviously. Maybe even a shiny one.

he already has a shiny froakie

that will never evolve

because he doesn’t battle

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avocado slice replied to your post: hmm should I make a separate blog for …

Maybe they have Furfous

literal competition for baddest bitch in town

Anonymous sent:

We know you browse /a/ and /vp/, where else do you wander?

I havent gone on /vp/ in years

I mostly frequent /a/ and /vg/

/y/ moves so slow, I can go just once a month and not miss a thing

I also sometimes go to /cgl/